Company Profile

Established in 2018, MAPA GLOBAL, is a solid consulting firm whose objective is to as-sist our customers in creating and sustaining a competitive advantage. 

We are specialized in producing solutions for the financial community. We are customer focused, we know their requirements and expectations, and we are dedicated to bringing them the best quality service. Our range of services within the financial sector, include SWIFT and other payment solutions and will continue to expand.

With the encouragement from our customers and our strategic initiatives for the forthcoming years, we look forward to establishing international partnerships to complement our solutions in a more global context. 

We are technologically aware, committed to success and project-oriented. We provide 24/7 assistance and support, we are concerned with whole phase of project executions from brief analysis to full maintenance. 

We are located in central Istanbul in the district of Exen Business Tower Umraniye within close proximity to the financial downtown of Istanbul

Our Philosophy 


We think that delivering high quality service leads to trust from which lasting relationships can be built. These relationships are the basis for deeper insights and higher impact on our customers successes.


We tell our customers the truth. If we think they are on the wrong path with their IT project, we say so. If we are not sure that we can provide the best and most cost effective solution, then we won't engage.


We don't know everything. We are open minded. We acquired a great deal of knowledge working with our technology partners over the years, and we are good at communicating and learning. That's why we are who we are.


We are learning from the past, challenging the present and envisioning the future.

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