To carry out cash reconciliation across correspondent accounts to reduce costs and risk SKAY NOSTRO.RECON

SKAY Nostro.Recon application is an account-based reconciliation using transactions in bank correspondent transactions and transactions in correspondent SWIFT statement messages (MT940 / MT950).


• The Skay Nostro.Recon application automatically matches Swift statement messages in the standard form with the help of Amount and Reference numbers, separating account transactions from the bank system on a BIC / Account Number / Currency Code basis..

• During pairing, the Owner and Inst. Using both of the references increases the match rate even further.

• Acquisition and processing of movements from the banking system are developed entirely for the bank and a high match rate is achieved by using a sophisticated reference / decomposition system.

• In addition, reverse transactions are detected within the bank movements and they are matched within themselves.

• In addition to all these automatic matching processes, users can see and match non-matching operations on an account basis. They can do this multiple, as well as do 1-1.

• Skay Nostro.Recon gets a snapshot of the day at the end of each day, allowing users to reach that day's unmatched data later and to get their observations / reports.

• Matches of all matching operations can be removed and remapped by the user. It also allows multiple users to manually map at the same time..


Flexible data feed/Comprehensive automation/Highest possible auto-matching rates/Lower operational cost/Preparing for compliance and audit requirements/ Allows forecasting for change/Minimizing risk


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