SKAY GPI & g4C API Platform


Payment Tracking through SWIFT Network

Track the status of your payment, delivery date and the final amount of the payment with the help of MAPA's SKAY GPI & g4C API Platform

GPI confirmations methods :

Basic Tracker - This is a free and basic version to support even the non-gpi banks who can confirm manually.

Automated MT199 confirmations - gpi members confirm payments by sending an interbank payment message (MT 199) to a dedicated gpi Tracker BIC through their existing SWIFT interface. This message then triggers an update to the Tracker and provides payment confirmation to the ordering bank.

Confirm via API calls - Using API calls to confirm payments is a fast and efficient way to update the gpi Tracker.

ISO20022 - Migration to the standard will also deliver an ISO20022 compliant message to ease the burden on banks(Pozitif pacs.002, Negative pacs.002, pacs.004, Camt.054 , Camt.056 , Camt.026 , Camt.027 , Camt.087)

Batch Confirmations - To further ease the process, SWIFT will pilot a CSV format in early 2020. Banks just need to assess that payment systems support the format, can as well test it using MyStandards Readiness Portal.

For all MT 103 payments received, banks need to send a confirmation to the Tracker on the payment status:

     - Confirm when funds are made available to the beneficiary’s account (include amount, currency, and date/time of credit)

     - Reject if banks can’t process the payment

     - On Hold* if banks can’t process the payment immediately

     - Transferred* if the bank has transferred the payment to the next agent outside of FIN

g4C - gpi for corporates :

With this new service, corporates can gain visibility on incoming cross-border payments much before the money is credited on their accounts.

By registering for the g4C inbound tracking service, clients will receive advance notifications on their incoming payments indicating the status at each processing stage, the remittance information along with routing and fee deductions, in MT199 format. As beneficiary bank, X Bank will receive the MT199 messages from the gpi Tracker and will relay them in real-time, allowing clients to integrate them directly into their ERP or TMS.

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