Swift MT MX Validator & Translator

MAPA Swift Validator

Java-Based SWIFT standard compliance validator

The Validation module adds the capability to check that an MT or ISO20022 message is standard compliant

MT messages can be automatically converted into its ISO20022 equivalent messages and vice-versa

         SWIFT format validations rules, including message structure, fields and semantics

         Validation for all message categories in the MT (ISO15022) and MX (ISO20022) standards

       BICs and country codes validations

       Support for custom rules, it can be tailored to fit specific MI's

A secure choice to reduce costs by preventing NAKs and rejections, and to reduced efforts in your yearly standards maintenance

Swift ISO20022 Translation Infrastructure

Central Translation(Translation done by swift centrally and this method able to translate MX to MT only)

Central Translation via API(Central Translation called through API from back-office receiving the message. This method able to translate MX to MT and MT to MX)

Local Translation(Translation done by local inhouse software. Any to any, full customisation is possible. This method able to translate MX to MT and MT to MX)

a Local Translator advise: MAPA Swift Translator

Automatic translations between FIN MT, ISO20022 MX formats

Java-based Translation Portal, performs automatic message format conversions before messages are sent or after received

What's included?

       Automatic translations between MT and MX

       Manual translation of MX or MT in the GUI

       Custom conversions between FIN MT or ISO20022 (MX) and custom TXT, XML, FIXED-LENGTH or CSV files

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